Can you solve it? The poco poco puzzle

How numerous “fews” perform you require unless you have got “a lot”? In The spanish language, the remedy to this particular philosophical conundrum would show up to end up being 15.

In least, that is according in order to the dilemna below, exactly where the add-on of fifteen POCOs can make a MÁS.

Inside the amount, each notice represents the unique number (i. electronic no 2 letters indicate the exact same digit. ) To put it differently, PEQUENO is actually a 4 digit amount, and MÁS is actually a 5 digit quantity. Are a person able in order to work out there which notice means which usually digit therefore that the particular sum can make sense?

This particular kind associated with problem will be termed since a cryptarithm, alphametic, or even verbal math, and this has already been a favorite dilemna genre meant for a one hundred year. But couple of are because witty that will one!


Ill be back again at 5pm UK period with all the alternative. Hasta enormemente tarde!

In the mean time, NO SPOILERS. Please talk about your much-loved Spanish terms, or some other witty cryptarithms.

I fixed a problem here each a couple weeks upon a Mon. I’m constantly on the particular look-out designed for great questions. If a person would such as to recommend one, e-mail me.

The origin for nowadays puzzle is usually: Puzzle Part, MIT Information, September 2014.

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