Oolong tea is part fermented. As with Black Tea, the leaves are withered and rolled, but then they are left for roughly half the time of that of Black tea, once the outside of the leaves are reddish brown but the centre of the leaf is still green. They are then fired at a very high temperature.


  • Premium Ginseng Oolong
    Its appearance always surprises with tightly rolled leaves dusted in ginseng. This gives him a...

    Premium Ginseng Oolong


  • Thai Jinxuan Oolong
    An exceptional green oolong from North Thailand, hand-picked and hand-rolled on the slopes of ...

    Thai Jinxuan Oolong


  • Tie Guan Yin Imperial
    One of the most famous types of Chinese Tea. The tea's leaves are dark green and rolled into t...

    Tie Guan Yin Imperial